The following is a list of rules for clubhouse rental. The Clubhouse Rental Form and Clubhouse Rental Rules must be completed prior to rental.

 1. Clubhouse can be rented only by lot owners in good standing of the Lakeland Homeowners Association.
 2. Clubhouse is not for rent for commercial events where items are sold.
 3. Reservations can be made up to three months in advance with the deposit of the rental fee. It is refundable if reservation is cancelled five (5) days prior to the date of reservation.
 4. A key is available the day prior to the reservation date. A cleaning and security deposit is required at the time the key is provided. Deposit will be refunded after the key has been returned and the building has been inspected.
 5. Clubhouse condition checklist must be completed by the renter prior to the key being issued.
 6. The renter, as host, must be on site during the event since he/she is responsible for guests actions and maintaining a reasonable noise level.
 7. No articles of any kind shall be attached to the walls or ceiling. Any damage to the building and/or furnishings is the responsibility of the renter.
 8. The U.S. and Alabama State flags are not to be removed from the room. They can be damaged easily.
 9. All events are to be concluded by 10:00 pm.
10. Renter is responsible for the clean-up and replacement of chairs and tables.
11. Trash bags and paper products for the kitchen will be furnished by the renter.
12. Removal of trash bags is the responsibility of the renter. If trash is placed in the out side garbage container the container is not to be over loaded and the lid must close securely.
13. Cleaning products and paper products for the restrooms will be furnished by the association.
14. Fireworks are not permitted in any common areas. This includes the parking lots, pool area and on the lake dam.
15. The cleaning of the clubhouse is to be concluded by noon the day following the rental day. In the event that the clubhouse is rented the following day the renter is required to have the clubhouse cleaned by 10:00 pm the day of the rental.
16. All activities must be confined to association owned common areas. Please do not go onto the private yards bordering the lake front. Any damages to homeowner’s property will be deducted from the rental deposit.
17. The daily rental fee is $100.00 and the refundable security deposit is $150.00.