The Lakeland Subdivision provides its property owners with an amazing opportunity to live in a family friendly neighborhood. In 2005 the neighborhood was composed of 144 lots and is currently composed of 175 lots and growing.

From the quiet, sleepy residential part of this small community to the fast paced business and light industrial areas, we know that there will be something that will show all who visit that we are the “biggest little town in Baldwin County” and that we are ”a town you will like.” Loxley is positioned on the intersections of both Interstate 10 / US Hwy 90 and the AL Hwy 59 / Interstate 65. The town, a homeowners paradise is in the center of Baldwin County, Alabama.

The infrastructure of the town is growing at an unprecedented pace, making the town’s planning area the largest of any city or town in Baldwin County. While all the growth is happening, Loxley is still maintaining its small town atmosphere.